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Selling Online Made Easy

If you want to sell your product or service online and need help in setting up an ecommerce website, then you have come to the right place. At Karni Infotech, we help people build there ecommerce website, we not only help you in terms of technology, but we also help you to overcome the issues which are faced during commencing an ecommerce website.

We have been building ecommerce websites since 2005, at that time, eCommerce was in a boom in US and European countries, slowly the trend has come in Indian Market, eCommerce in India is rising, people want to buy online but there are very less suppliers who can meet the growing demand of eCommerce industry, thus, we have come to fill this gap and help people build successful ecommerce website at a reasonable cost.

Our proprietory software - NG-Cart, is a complete ecommerce software which you can use to launch your ecommerce website, it has all major components of an ecommerce software - shipping module, bulk insert, bulk update, catalogue management, order management, vendor management etc. NG-Cart is a must for beginers in the ecommerce industry, its very lightweight and very easy to operate, you can learn our ecommerce software within few hours.

Start Exporting with eCommerce Website

Do you know that Indian Government allows citizens of India to carry out export operations through Courier, we have helped many customers to start there small scaled export business with the help of an eCommerce website, there are many products which are not available in Western Countries and there is a huge demand of such products, all you need to do is to find a manufacturer of such product and sell the same on your ecommerce website, people from western countries will flock towards your website and getting payment from foreign countries has now become very easy and fast.

How to start an eCommerce Website

  • 1
  • Identify a Product The first step is to decide what you want to sell online
  • 2
  • How to obtain the Product Find out the Wholesellers or suppliers of the product in your city or state.
  • 3
  • Calculate the Profits Find out the best rates you can sell for and how much profit you can make
  • 4
  • Register your Business Pick a name, register your business, get an Office, do the taxation formalities
  • 5
  • Prepare the Product Catalogue Prepare the catalogue, get product pictures, rates, details, variants etc
  • 6
  • Create your Brand Hire Karni Infotech for brand management services, we design logo, business card, stationery
  • 7
  • Launch your Website Hire Karni Infotech to build and launch your ecommerce website
  • 8
  • Market your Website Hire Karni Infotech for digital marketing of your ecommerce website
  • 9
  • Maintain your Website Hire Karni Infotech for maintaining and enhancing your ecommerce website

Why Choose Us?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons to choose Karni Infotech
  • 15 years of Experience
  • Affordable Prices
  • Personal Client Support
  • No Overloaded Servers
  •    Secure Web Servers
  • Money Back Guarantee!

What People Say

  The setup process and support at Karni Infotech to be above par! I strongly recommend using Karni Infotech for your hosting needs and have brought additional clients to them as the hosting is very reliable and the response time to any questions was fantastic. - Norm M   Canada
  Karni Infotech has been very helpful, reliable and professional to our race team. From the time we ordered our site it literally took hours to have it activated. Karni Infotech's ongoing service and support are next to none! If I have a problem or concern they are always quick to respond - Marek P.   Florida
  Not only your service has been exceptional but also your support has exceeded all expectations. In addition, your staff is very responsive and helpful and I have only good things to say about everyone. Karni Infotech, in my opinion, is simply the best. - Rajiv Kumar   Ambe Tech
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